Carol mcgiffin dating

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Carol, 57, last month spoke to the media about the loss of her sister, Tracy, to cancer, months after completing breast cancer treatment herself.

On Tuesday night the star replied to a post by @Susanclarkson10, asking if she would ever return to the show.

“I’ve got to try and keep it the way it is, rather than let it go downhill too quickly.”However, there may be no need for Cassidy to perfect his wheelchair skills as the Loose Women presenter also stated that she doesn't want to reach old age.“I just don’t want to live that long.

But if I wasn’t in that situation, I can see how people wouldn’t want to carry on."Mc Giffin, who has no children, was previously married to DJ Chris Evans in the 1990's but is yet to have set a date for her big day with Cassidy.

Carol Mc Giffin's sister has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

‘It was Demi Moore who started it with her Vanity Fair cover 26 years ago – now you can’t move for A-Z Listers all over the place acting as though they are the first women ever to have babies and therefore everyone else needs to see what a pregnant tummy looks like.Presenter Carol Mc Giffin has said that she would be willing to return to Loose Women, but only if “certain panellists” were removed.Her comment came in response to a question on Twitter as she thanked fans for their messages of support during a difficult time for her family.Carol Mc Giffin thinks 'Loose Women' must have been "desperate" to hire Katie Price as a regular guest-panellist.The 56-year-old presenter - who featured on the show's panel for 10 years until her departure in 2013 - has lashed out at the bosses of…

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