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Growing up, you probably read a book or two that included a Couples ride off into the sunset, marriage is bliss and life is good.

What those books didn’t tell you is that life CAN be good and marriage CAN be bliss, but it’s not always so.

There are so many things that give me satisfaction and happiness, for instance taking care of others and hel...

more about Olga from Odessa Every woman here tries to show herself from the best side, but perfect people don't exist, I am not perfect too.

In the Reclaim Your Marriage program, we’ll help you tackle and resolve each of these ten common marriage stressors in a separate weekly session.Pretty Ukrainian girls and single ukrainian brides are looking for their soul mates, they want to create a family, be happy and be loved. All of them are sincere in their search for the ONE partner for love and life long relationship. Thats the reason to view the profiles catalogue and photos gallery of beautiful ukraine girls and pretty women from Ukraine.”Jim: No, I mean half the time I’m sure she doesn’t know I’ve kinda tuned out, ‘cause I can keep the game face on but it’s true. Call us; if we need to send you a CD, we’ll do that, but that first part of that conversation was loaded with great wisdom and we even had questions from our gallery, which there’re probably 20, 30 women in there to make sure the feminine side is represented here at the table today. We’ll have more questions as we continue the conversation with Dr. One of the books he wrote is called, (Laughter) yep. Jim: Which for some reason you’ve put a lot of confidence in that type of intimacy, that heartfelt kiss. They don’t make movies about that, my friend (Laughter) unless it’s depressing. But it’s true and today we want to talk about not the recrimination of the way we’re wired, but how do we use our wiring in such a way that is productive in our marriages. Clarke, who is a psychologist and a speaker and he’s an author. Now people that have married, 20, 30 years, maybe 50 years maybe they don’t see kissing as quite the thing it used to be. No, you grab your woman and you put a smacker on her , right on the lips.

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